Site Updates

05/10/11 17:46

Site updates have been delayed but will be forthcoming in the near future.


17/06/11 15:58

Believe it or not, an update is still on the way …

Updates on the Way

03/03/11 03:14

New cover narratives and additional links to Slovak sites are on the way!


09/01/11 16:33

New featured narratives and added links to front page are on the way.

Christmas Reading

20/12/10 19:27 top 50: looks like Maxim E. Matkin is back on top with Aj ja teba …

Chit chat

05/12/10 03:05

Intriguing conversations emerging at the Facebook site for Streetprint Bratislava…


04/11/10 01:51

Streetprint Bratislava is now indexed by MLA International Bibliography.

Aesthetics Achieved

17/10/10 23:01

Due to the work of Mariana Paredes-Olea SB is as beautiful as it is informative. Thank-you, Mariana!


12/10/10 15:13

Changes are under way … again! New front page, thumbnails to narratives, streamlined search boxes, etc.


17/09/10 14:44

Funky new link for SPB at …

September Revisions

07/09/10 17:35

Front page banner and layout will be revised in September; adding thumbnails to narratives, streamlining design, etc. Information will likely also be added to several parts of the narrative section following a recent trip to Bratislava.


19/07/10 18:44

Search function new and improved; further developments ongoing.

New Feature

13/07/10 17:53

Featured artifact has gone random!

Skin Update

07/07/10 15:19

Everything in place, final adjustments underway. Waiting for some changes to SP that will allow images for narratives on front page.


31/05/10 16:13

The new skin is well under way and starting to look great!


16/04/10 03:23

While the narratives are taking some shape, the site is undergoing a face lift that should be complete by early June.


12/04/10 15:57

Images, interviews, and introductions added for all narratives. Commentary within narratives ongoing. Site customization beginning this week.


10/04/10 17:52

The upcoming presentation will be April 14, 2010 at the University of Alberta, Telus 236-238 at 9:15 am as part of the Department of English Graduate Student end of year symposium.


15/03/10 15:10

The narratives section is now open to viewing. However, it is far from complete. Changes to both structure and content will be forthcoming over the next few weeks.

Seminar Presentation

07/03/10 22:26

A presentation of Streetprint and individual Streetprint projects will take place April 13/14th at the University of Alberta English Department’s graduate student symposium. Further details TBA.

Narratives etc.

05/03/10 15:28

The narratives section is currently under construction. Sections will be added as they are completed. Other changes concerning language and site customization will also proceed over the next couple months.

Archive Update

05/03/10 15:25

The Streetprint Bratislava archive is now complete. This means that all artifacts collected from Bratislava in the summer of 2009 are described bibliographically, include images, and other media where appropriate.